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Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Swim with the Sharks

There is grace and wonder in the Open Sea. Watch as schools of sardines glisten and then scatter as a bluefin tuna speeds past. Nearby, view the delicate beauty of the country’s largest permanent exhibit of jellies or watch our puffins enjoy a mid-day meal.

Did You Know?
This exhibit was designed with sharks in mind—the hourglass shape gives our large sharks plenty of room to glide and turn. Gliding helps sharks get rid of metabolic wastes in muscle tissue. Those aren’t penguins you see paddling by—they’re common murres. They were rescued after an oil spill along the coast. This exhibit holds 350,000 gallons of water and the acrylic windows are three to four inches thick.


With heads like horses, tails like monkeys and pouches like kangaroos, these fascinating fishes are anything but ordinary.

We’ve got more than 15 species of seahorses and their kin—one of the nation’s largest collections of these charismatic animals.

Meander through four multimedia galleries and discover how these shy and secretive animals grow up, attract mates and give birth—this is the only family in the animal kingdom in which the males get pregnant!

Learn how you can help save seahorses and the vulnerable marine habitats they call home.

Deluxe Motorcoach Transportation
(This is a self-guided walking tour with many places to sit and rest.)
All taxes and gratuities on the included activities

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